Children First’s Report Series on COVID’s Impact on Children – READ THE COUNTY REPORTS HERE

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More than half a million children attend public schools in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Children First works to ensure that our region’s children arrive at school ready to learn, and attend schools that have the resources needed to provide a high quality education.

Điều đó chỉ có thể đạt được thông qua:

  • tài trợ công bằng và đầy đủ
  • cơ hội bình đẳng

Trường học của chúng ta càng tốt, tương lai sẽ tươi sáng hơn cho trẻ em của chúng ta và khu vực của chúng ta.


Children First participates in three powerful education coalitions to advance our work:

Trường PA làm việc

PA Schools Work fights for equitable, adequate funding necessary to support educational excellence. Investing in public education excellence is the path to thriving communities, a stable economy and successful students.


Greater Philadelphia Extracurricular Collaborative (GPEC)

GPEC improves the quality and reach of out-of-school time and extracurricular programs in the Greater Philadelphia region so children reap benefits across every part of their lives.


Read by 4th

Read by 4th is a Philadelphia coalition of family, community, and systems leaders protecting every child’s right to read.



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