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Children First has a strong reputation and history as a unique organization advocating for a breadth of issues that affect kids. We are a…

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Individuals who support Children First are part of a vibrant community of advocates who are committed to helping every child succeed in life. JOIN US!

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For a gift of $1,000 or more, Children First will recognize your leading support in a more dynamic way and offer you a variety of opportunities to further your understanding of the core issues affecting children. DONATE TODAY!

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Quà tặng phù hợp có thể nhân đôi và trong một số trường hợp nhân lên năm lần, tác động của hỗ trợ ban đầu của bạn. CÔNG TY CỦA BẠN CÓ CHƯƠNG TRÌNH QUÀ TẶNG TRẬN ĐẤU KHÔNG?

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Your stock gift to Children First will help us further our mission. LEARN MORE!

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If you are considering a new car purchase or are just ready to get rid of your old car – have we got a great opportunity for you. DONATE YOUR VEHICLE TO CHILDREN FIRST!

Amazon Smiles

Same products, same prices, same service but Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to Children First.

United Way Donor Option

You can make a gift to Children First through the United Way Donor Option program in your workplace. LEARN MORE!

Planned Giving Options

Planning ahead for Children First’s future offers you an opportunity to help us continue to speak up and watch out for children and families in our region. LEARN MORE!

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Children First is accountable and we get results. Our 990’s and Annual Reports are posted online. LEARN MORE!