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Public Citizens for Children and Youth

990 Spring Garden Street
Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Phone: 215-563-5848
Fax: 215-563-9442


Donna Cooper, Executive Director: To reach Donna by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 30 or by email, donnac at pccy dot org.

Judy Adamson, Chief Financial Officer: Email Judy at judya at pccy dot org.

Marvetta Coleman, Elections Early Education Coordinator: To reach Marvetta by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext 32 or by email, marvettac at pccy dot org.

Molly Dougherty, Grants Officer: To reach Molly by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 20 or by email, mollyd at pccy dot org.

Laurie Dow, Vulnerable Youth Policy Director: To reach Laurie by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 28 or by email, lauried at pccy dot org.

Caroline Estey King, Major Gifts Officer: To reach Caroline by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 31 or by email, carolinek at pccy dot org.

Steven Fynes, Administrative Director, To reach Steven by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 11 or by email, stevenf at pccy dot org.

Tim Gibbon, Picasso Project Director, To reach Tim by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 22 or by email, timg at pccy dot org.

Shirlee Howe, Education Coordinator for Montgomery and Delaware Counties: To reach Shirlee by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 34 or by email, shirleeh at pccy dot org.

Amy Kobeta, Communications Director: Email Amy at amyk at pccy dot org.

David Loeb, Research Associate: To reach David by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 13 or by email, davidl at pccy dot org.

Colleen McCauley, Health Policy Director: To reach Colleen by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 33 or by email, colleenm at pccy dot org.

Mildred Mendez, Health Insurance Enroller (Spanish): To reach Mildred by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 27 or by email, mildredm at pccy dot org.

Mai Miksic, Early Care and Education Policy Director: To reach Mai by phone, call 215-563-5848 x18 or by email: maim at pccy dot org.

Dan O’Brien, Education Coordinator for Bucks County: To reach Dan by phone, call 215-630-9592 or by email, dano at pccy dot org.

Anjanette Perry, Child HealthWatch HelpLine Coordinator: To reach Anjanette by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 17 or by e-mail anjanettep at pccy dot org

Tomea Sippo-Smith, K12 Policy Director: To reach Tomea by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 36 or by email, tomeas at pccy dot org.

Gail Smith, Financial and Human Resources Administrator:  To reach Gail by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 24 or by email, gails at pccy dot org.

ML Wernecke, Director, PA Charter School Performance Center: To reach ML by phone, call 215-563-5848 ext. 29 or by email, mlwernecke at pccy dot org.

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