Mission & Strategic Planning

Childhood is fleeting, there are no do-overs. That’s why with one hand, Children First offers direct help to children…

Báo cáo thường niên

Children First is accountable and we get results.

Ban giám đốc

Children First’s Board of Directors are true champions for children.

Hội đồng tư vấn

The Children First Advisory Council are recognized leaders in our region…

Sự công nhận

Recognition for Children First’s work to create a better world for every child.

Hội đồng Cố vấn Chuyên gia Trẻ

Children First’s Young Professionals Advisory Council is a diverse group of enlightened and engaged young leaders from across the Philadelphia region who have come…

Lịch sử của chúng tôi

Formerly known as Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY), Children First PA continues the 40+ commitment of advocacy on behalf of children and families in Southeastern PA.

Nhân Viên

Children First staff works to create a better world for every child.

Tham gia nhóm

Hãy tưởng tượng một thế giới tốt đẹp hơn cho trẻ em… sau đó hãy làm gì đó với nó.