Insure Every Child

The number of uninsured children in Pennsylvania has spiked to over 145,000 and continues to climb.

Pennsylvania must ensure all children are covered for healthcare.  This includes all children who are currently uninsured and also children who do not have citizenship documentation.

The impact of this growing number of 145,000 uninsured children equates to over $385 million in uncompensated care which weakens our hospital systems.  Uninsured children fare far worse than insured children – experiencing poorer health in childhood, greater rates of avoidable hospitalizations and higher childhood mortality.

Pennsylvania can save over $724M by insuring all children for healthcare.

Click here for our “Smart Money” brief to find out how Pennsylvania can insure every child and save millions of taxpayer and health system dollars.

Please join our coalition to “Insure Every Child” by following the link below for you and/or your organization to sign on to support “Insure Every Child”.   Your membership in the coalition will enable you to be informed of legislative activities, provide you with opportunities to stay involved and support the initiative’s outreach efforts.  Join us as an Individual supporting this vital issue for children or have your Organization Sign Up 这里。

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