Children First’s Report Series on COVID’s Impact on Children – READ THE COUNTY REPORTS HERE


Half the young children in southeastern Pennsylvania live in Philadelphia. The majority of them are considered “at risk” because of economic circumstances and many enter kindergarten without the basic skills they need to become proficient readers by 3rd grade. Children First monitors and advocates with and for the School District of Philadelphia, the largest pre-k provider in the city. Children First provides resources that bring multiple stakeholders together to solve problems

Recently Children First has mobilized Philadelphians to make resources available to support universal pre-k for all children entering the public school system. Toward that end, Children First:

  • 帮助在2015年5月的投票中提出问题,成立了Universal Pre-K委员会。它以80%投票获得通过,这是有史以来最受欢迎的投票方式之一。
  • 帮助推动了吸引市民参加全市听证会的程序,并发布了一份报告,推荐了新的城市计划的模式;
  • Mobilized support for Mayor Kenney’s 2016 budget plan, which required passing a sweetened beverage tax to fund pre-k, education and recreation projects;
  • 帮助有兴趣为PHL Pre-K扩展和提供座位的托儿服务提供者组织20次帮助会议
  • 组织儿童服务组织签署 Amicus简介 支持税收以应对法院的挑战;和
  • 继续倡导和捍卫苏打水税,并教育哈里斯堡市政府代表团了解其在弥合优质Pre-K供应方面的作用。