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“My journey to creating Parents Empowered for Change (PEC) began with a deep passion – to protect the potential of all children across our commonwealth – and a stubborn commitment to embed parents in the decision-making process for child-centered policy and systems-level change. I come from parents, who did their best without a handbook, class, or toolkit, and my experience is not unique. Parents everywhere, especially parents, who are navigating varying systems of oppression are striving to do their best each day because their children’s futures depend on it; that commitment is powerful! Imagine that power in concert with other powerful parents, who want the best for all children? It would represent a powerhouse of parents, who are uniting to be a force for good!”  – Inella Ray, Director of Parent Advocacy & Engagement

Parents Empowered for Change (PEC) is a dynamic new resource for parents who want to bring their knowledge and lived experiences to the decision-making table. PEC will connect, inspire, and ignite parent advocacy. We will train you how to persuade decision makers, like school superintendents, city/town council members, and state legislators, to make policy changes in your school district and across the state. It is not a one-size-fits-all program. PEC offers tracks that accommodate parents who have minimal free time and those who have more flexibility.

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