Children First Welcomes New Board Members.  Learn More About The Board Here.


Children First is a leading member of a growing coalition of advocates that is pushing for more progressive strategies to eliminate the disproportionate representation of Black and Brown children in the dependent and delinquent systems, reduce the number of youth who are removed from their families and placed in secure detention and residential facilities, and provide the services that ensure children who are removed from their homes receive the education, health care, and healing supports they need to return home ready for a lifetime of success.  

Children First successfully advocated for a new set of principles to drive the City of Philadelphia’s approach to placement of any youth in a residential facility including:

  • 提供高质量的当地连续照料,以在限制最小的环境中和距离社区更近的地方支持我们的青年;
  • 一种实践理论,其中包括以创伤为依据的护理模式;和
  • 从安置到返回社区的准备工作,包括与成年人的永久联系,有意义的教育计划和个性化治疗。


  • Review privately-run educational programs at residential facilities to objectively assess the quality of the educational programs and to establish quality indicators to objectively grade these programs and identify areas for improvement.
  • Eliminate detentions for identified misdemeanors and technical violations of probation to end unnecessary detentions of youth for minor, non-violent misdemeanors and technical violations of probation that disproportionately impact Black and Brown youth and do not impact community safety.