About This Growing Movement

Join the Growing Movement of Parents Who Will Make a Real Difference for Children

Parenting is the hardest job out there. Too many programs and decisions that are intended to help parents and children are simply failing.  And far too often parents aren’t at the table to decide what’s best for their kids. That needs to change!

Real change happens when everyday citizens step up to the plate for all kids. If you feel discounted or don’t trust those in charge to make good decisions on behalf of kids, join with other parents who are building a new path forward, where parents are a part of the decision-making infrastructure and are treated – and trusted – as valued stakeholders.

Parents Empowered for Change will connect, inspire, and ignite parent activism to ensure our children get what they need and deserve – a fair shot at life. Join Children First’s 40 year history supporting parents and regular citizens, in fighting for what our children need to thrive. We have a track record of success and we know there is still much to be done. We want YOU a part of our alliance of parent power. Power is contagious and an empowered parent in community with other empowered parents will create big wins for children and youth.

If you want to make change…if you are frustrated and fed up…if you see a better outcome, join us. Be a part of the solution. Parents Empowered for Change is a FREE parent training community with a clear goal: A world where every child has a fair shot and a lifetime of success.

What we offer:

Parent-focused events & programs
High impact training opportunities
Real world advocacy experiences

Join us in the fight for what our children deserve!