Every child should be able to see a doctor when they get sick. In southeastern Pennsylvania, more than 37,000 children do not have health insurance. They have too few places to turn to when they get hurt or fall ill. Children First is closing this gap by providing resources to parents to help them get publicly funded health insurance for their children. Children First’s health insurance resources include directions on how to apply for Medical Assistance and CHIP, a child health helpline to assist families over the phone, and reports on the state of child health in the region.

If you are a school nurse, counselor, or other individual or organization that helps families get access to the free and low-cost health insurance options available for children in Pennsylvania, our School Nurse Health Manual is the right resource for you.  This is our fifth edition published in 2022 and Children First can offer training sessions on how to use this resource. Contact Anjanette Perry at anjanettep at childrenfirstpa dot org to schedule a training.

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