Children First’s Report on COVID’s Impact on Children in Philadelphia – READ IT HERE

Commitments & Principles

Amplifying the voices of those left out and left behind!

Our Commitments:

  • Great schools for every child backed by the resources for every child to thrive
  • Affordable childcare and pre-k that prepares our children to succeed in school
  • Effective mental health and counseling for every child that addresses trauma and stress
  • Common sense state and local laws that protect and nurture children
  • An end to juvenile incarceration and use of institutions for children in foster care
  • Equity in all public policies that support Black, Brown, and low-income children
  • A future where all kids succeed – regardless of their ethnicity/race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and/or socio-economic status
  • Big wins for kids through collective power and voice to hold those with authority accountable to act in the best interest of children

Principled Pillars:

  • There are no do-overs in childhood – a child’s best chance at leading a happy and healthy life requires action today – our children’s futures can’t wait
  • Those closest to the issues are closest to the solutions that’s why parents must lead the advocacy across issues that are meaningful to them and their communities
  • Real change only really happens for kids when parents demand it
  • Leaders are contagious, so we build the capacity of leaders to lead others in their communities
  • Being right is not enough – we must fight for the things we want for our families and communities in solidarity with others

How We Work:

  • Builds its vision for change with parents
  • Networks with peers and build alliances
  • Develops advocacy and capacity building skills
  • Exchanges information and strategies
  • Acts on common child-centered concerns

How You Join: If you are interested in joining our growing movement, please fill out our member registration form to receive additional communication about upcoming events and opportunities.