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Child Health

When a child’s health is good during their growing years, economic benefits accrue to them and society as they age.  Better childhood health is linked to improved educational attainment, better employment opportunities and higher income in adulthood. Unfortunately, many of our children don’t have the tools they need to succeed.  For example, health insurance is key for children to gain access to health care services to keep them well.  However, tens of thousands of children in southeast Pennsylvania don’t have health insurance even though most of them are eligible for public coverage.

Children First’s health related work focuses on the following critical issues in our continuing commitment to address the needs of every child:

  • Ensure children have health insurance – by enrolling children in public coverage and ensuring the health benefits are comprehensive, that applying and re-applying is simple and that all children qualify – including children who are undocumented.
  • Improve children’s access to health care services – primarily to behavioral health, dental  and vision care services.
  • Reduce childhood lead poisoning in Philadelphia.

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