REPORT: Smart Money: Covering PA’s Kids Will Save Millions

Policymakers, who are charged with being responsive to the expectations of taxpayers and ensuring public funds are both reducing waste and making a difference, must recognize that a rising number of uninsured children are placing an increasing burden on taxpayers. Failure to make sure every child is insured is putting a burden on hospitals, especially those in rural regions of the state. This undue tax burden on all state taxpayers is underminding our state’s economy and holding back 145,000 children from achieving their full potential.

Our findings in this report highlight the millions of dollars that Pennsylvania spends on uncompensated care for uninsured children and the potential future revenue from additional taxes that would be generated when Pennsylvania children are able to reach their true academic and economic potential.

Pennsylvania can no longer afford to ignore the social and fiscal costs when thousands of children are uninsured and the enormous savings when children have coverage.

Read more in this report: Smart Money: Covering Pennsylvania’s Uninsured Kids Will Save Health Systems and Taxpayers Millions