Don’t Hang Up on Kids – Jun 10, 2022


All Good Things Shouldn’t Come to an End

Hundreds of thousands of PA kids are at risk of losing their health insurance and we won’t be around to help them.

Pennsylvania is poised to require everyone on Medicaid to prove their eligibility – all 3 million of them – within the same 60-day period likely this fall. Some GOP lawmakers really believe this is a good idea!

The administrative quagmire will leave children and adults in eligibility limbo as offices are flooded with renewal applications. It’s estimated that 346,000 children may fall through the cracks and lose their coverage.

This is just the emergency the Children First Healthline is well-equipped to handle, but the Healthline will be closed by the time this catastrophe hits…unless you help.

Our 25-year-old, popular Healthline is closing because we can’t get funding, despite exhaustive efforts. When children and parents will need us most, we won’t be here to help.

But you can help and keep the Healthline activated until after the crisis passes.

If 1,000 people each contribute $50, we will keep the Helpline going strong throughout the fall and into the new year. (We’re also open to 500 people giving $100 or one person underwriting the whole project at $50,000!)

We are experts at handling the arcane and bureaucratic public insurance systems. We provide intensive hand-holding assistance on the phone every work day, and sometimes weekends and evenings, in a family’s native language. We also reduce the burden on health care providers who are often inundated with coverage questions.

With your donation, we can continue to keep kids healthy. Because all good things shouldn’t come to an end.

Let’s stop efforts to drain funds from our public schools! 

Tell your state senator to reject the voucher bill that passed the Pennsylvania House. 

Click here to send your message.

“My low-income peers and I are not exposed to the college process which leads to a recurring cycle of uninspired students.”

Isaias Ortiz, a new high school graduate in Lancaster and first of his family to attend college

Our kids need to you to fight for fair school funding.

Join our online community meeting next Thursday to learn how schools are devastated by unfair funding and what you can do to so children get the education they deserve! Register here.

“Though the Independent Fiscal Office projects a decline in state tax revenue in the next fiscal year, its most pessimistic estimate does not exceed the rate by which tax collections rose this year. The state can appropriate additional education funding this year without falling off the cliff next year.”

– The (Wilkes-Barre) Citizens’ Voice Editorial Board