Child HealthWatch HelpLine

For more than 20 years, our Child HealthWatch HelpLine delivered on the promise of helping families find affordable health insurance for their children. We are humbled that we could help thousands of families find affordable options for their children to get urgent medical attention and the health insurance they needed to grow up healthy.

Over the years, finding the resources to continue to provide this vital service have dwindled. We refused to turn our backs on the more than 1,000 families that ask us for help every year and found a solution that continues to ensure families have ready access to critical children’s health insurance navigation support.

As of January 3, 2024, Pennsylvania Health Action Network (PHAN) will continue the HelpLine by embedding it in their their expert operation that has, for more than a decade, reliably assisted individuals in finding affordable health insurance options across the state.

If you know of a family in need of health care coverage for their children, please contact PHAN’s helpline, call/text 877-570-3642, email, or visit