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Centro de rendimiento de PA Charter

The PA Charter Performance Center improves the quality of education, especially for at-risk students, by producing unbiased, accurate and timely information that will build momentum for the adoption of sound state-level charter school policy.

Charter schools are educating a growing share of Pennsylvania’s K-12 students. In 2021, 146,000 students attended a Pennsylvania charter school, an astonishing 85% increase in just ten years. Low-income and at-risk students are more likely than other students to enroll in charters. While only 16% of district schools are located in high poverty areas, 58% of brick and mortar charter schools are operating in high poverty census tracts. This raises significant equity issues about who attends charters and how are they doing.

While enrollment is growing, student learning is not keeping pace. The most recent assessments show that 78% of 3rd through 8th grade charter students failed their Math PSSA and 56% failed English Language Arts. Over six in ten 11th graders attending charter schools failed the Algebra Keystone Exam and 45% failed Literature. More concerning is the fact that every one of Pennsylvania’s 14 cyber charters has been identified as needing some level of support and improvement under the state’s accountability system.

En ausencia de información imparcial y accesible, no puede haber responsabilidad para impulsar el desempeño de las escuelas autónomas o cerrar operadores de bajo desempeño. El Centro busca cerrar esta brecha al brindar información confiable sobre el desempeño escolar para las escuelas autónomas y las escuelas administradas por el distrito para avanzar en la conversación sobre políticas en Harrisburg y ayudar a los padres a tomar las mejores decisiones para sus hijos.

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El trabajo del Centro es posible gracias a una generosa donación de la Fundación Ivywood.