Chăm sóc giấc mơ: Câu chuyện

Children First (then as PCCY) interviewed 53 parents of children like Maria’s, and our investigation found that 85% of parents said they had to delay or forego care for their child due to lack of insurance. Among these families we found:

  • 100% of parents stated that they did not seek care for their child because they could not afford it;
  • 91% of children received delayed care or went without care for a serious medical need requiring the expertise of a specialist;
  • 67% of parents reported their child was harmed by delaying or foregoing care;
  • 42% of parents reported that delaying or foregoing care negatively affected their children at school causing absences, lower grades and behavioral problems;
  • 28% of children required emergency room care because a neglected problem worsened.

These findings are consistent with years of academic research that shows uninsured children have worse health and life outcomes than uninsured children. In addition, uninsured and/or under-insured children cost the system more on average.

Read more in Fulfilling Pennsylvania’s Promise to Cover All Kids: A Collection of True Stories from Families with Children Who are Uninsured.