Join the Kids’ Campaign – Jan 13, 2023


Make Every Day Safer Than the Day Before

Thirty children died by gunfire in Philadelphia last year – outside their homes, schools, and ball fields. Others lost family, friends, and mentors to homicide in a city where people are afraid to leave their homes in fear of being car-jacked, assaulted, or gunned down. 

Voters will elect Philadelphia’s 100th mayor this year, a milestone election in this city riddled with drugs and violence, where only 17% of the city’s fourth-graders are proficient in reading and a third of children live in poverty.

It’s time that, together, we demand that those vying for the City’s top spot have the vision and political will to make every day safer than the day before for children. 

Join the growing list of organizationsindividuals already signed up for the Kids’ Campaign (see list below) and put children’s safety and success at the top of every candidate’s agenda. We must ensure the next mayor champions the resources kids need to be safe. 

This campaign is the first of its kind in Philadelphia – a nonpartisan effort that is not backing a candidate and that defines the election solely on the needs of children and youth. 

The Kids’ Campaign will give voting parents and young adults the information they need to determine which candidate will meet the Kids’ Campaign S.E.C.U.R.E agenda: Safety, Education, Careers, Uplifting families, Recreation, and the Environment.

On Friday, January 20th, we are kicking off the Kids’ Campaign beside the Mayor’s Entrance at Philadelphia City Hall, where we will be calling on all the mayoral candidates to pledge that:

1.  First and foremost, Philadelphia must be a great place to raise your family.
2.  Philadelphia can be a city where we have the courage to heal systemic rifts that
disproportionately harm children of color.
3.  No child in Philadelphia should go hungry or live in poverty.
4.  Every neighborhood should have a quality District school.
5.  Philadelphia must be the prime destination for the best teachers in the country.
6.  Every child deserves a safe and stable home and access to healthcare.
7.  Every neighborhood must have great rec centers, parks, libraries, safe places, and
afterschool and summer programs.
8.  Every child should have access to high-quality, early learning opportunities.
9.  Every teenager should have a meaningful summer job and a job on graduation.
10. Youth who make mistakes should have restorative options.
11. Philadelphia must contribute to solving the climate crisis to ensure a thriving future for our
12. Youth should have a voice in all levels of city government.

Join us at the press conference at 1:30 PM on Friday, January 20th at the northeast corner of City Hall (Filbert St & JFK Blvd) and show your enthusiasm for the launch of this important endeavor!

If you believe that focusing on the needs of children and families unlocks transformative change in our city, sign up today.

Kids’ Campaign Supporters: Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence, Bright Little Scholars, The Center for Autism, Center for Families and Relationships, Children First, Children’s Village, Childspace Too, Episcopal Community Services, Fab Youth Philly, First Up, Greater Philadelphia Extracurricular Collaborative, HopePHL, Indochinese American Council, Learning My Way Montessori, Maternity Care Coalition, Need in Deed, PA Youth Vote, Parks & Rec Heroes Fund, Philabundance, Philadelphia Community Empowerment Through Soccer/Kensington Soccer Club, Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative, Philadelphia Mental Health Center (PMHC), Philly Homes 4 Youth, Project HOME, Support Center for Child Advocates, Sunrise of Philadelphia, Taller Puertorriqueño, Tiffany’s Grow and Glow Family Childcare, and Turning Points For Children

If you think children and teens have fully recovered from impact of COVID, think again – and watch today’s forum in Bucks County on how students, parents, schools, community groups, and government are still managing the fallout from the pandemic. There’s more we must do.

“Honestly, some of the [charter] applications we’ve got — now, this is as an attorney — copying and pasting, not applying relevant Pennsylvania and Philadelphia law is actually insulting.”

– Reginald Streater, new president of the Philadelphia Board of Education, on charter school applications

Some children are severely damaged by early adversity while others are able to thrive. How? Why? Critical questions. 

Broken Places, a short film, weaves research, personal stories, and expert commentary to understand the devastating impact of childhood adversity and the inspiring characteristics of resilience.

Join for a special virtual screening followed by a Q & A next Wednesday evening. Đăng ký ở đây.

The Seattle city school district filed
a novel lawsuit blaming Big Tech
for poisoning youth with social
media addiction
, saying the schools
can’t fulfill their educational mission
while students are suffering
from anxiety, depression and other
psychological troubles.