Commitments & Principles

Amplifying the voices of those left out and left behind!

Our Commitments:

  • Great schools for every child backed by the resources for every child to thrive
  • Affordable childcare and pre-k that prepares our children to succeed in school
  • Effective mental health and counseling for every child that addresses trauma and stress
  • Common sense state and local laws that protect and nurture children
  • An end to juvenile incarceration and use of institutions for children in foster care
  • Equity in all public policies that support Black, Brown, and low-income children
  • A future where all kids succeed – regardless of their ethnicity/race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and/or socio-economic status
  • Big wins for kids through collective power and voice to hold those with authority accountable to act in the best interest of children

Principled Pillars:

  • There are no do-overs in childhood – a child’s best chance at leading a happy and healthy life requires action today – our children can’t wait
  • Real change only really happens for kids when parents and community allies demand it
  • Leaders are contagious, so we build the capacity of leaders to lead others in their communities
  • Being right is not enough – we must fight for the things our children need

How We Work:

PEC is building a community  of parents committed to build power and influence child-centered policy – to  ensure every child has the fundamental building blocks for success including consistent health care, high-quality education from pre-k through high school, proper nutrition, and a dependable support network to help them grow into healthy, able and confident adults. Join our network of parents committed to building alliances, advocacy skills, and taking action on behalf of Southeastern PA’s children.

How You Join: If you are interested in joining our growing movement, please fill out our member registration form to receive additional communication about upcoming events and opportunities.