REPORT: Pa’Lante – It’s Time to Move Forward – State of Hispanic Children

Pa’Lante – It’s Time to Move Forward – State of Hispanic Children

Pa’lante is short for para Adelante, meaning to move forward. It is a widely recognized cultural call to action. Philadelphia’s Hispanic children are, in spite of structural inequities and hostilities associated with race, culture, or economic status, in many respects beating the odds and moving forward. At the same time, institutions charged with meeting their health care, social service, and educational needs are not yet making the level of effort needed to make it possible for Hispanic children to graduate high school healthy and equipped for a prosperous, self-sufficient life.

Even if just one child is being let down by the health care, social service, or educational institutions intended to help them thrive, more must be done. Given the rapidly growing share of Philadelphia’s children who are Hispanic, the institutions intended to promote the welfare and education all children must make much more of an effort in consort with parents to enable every Hispanic child– indeed all Philadelphia children – to thrive.



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