CHIP Transition

Starting April 17, 2023, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) will be deciding who qualifies for CHIP. This will include both new applications and renewals.

This means that the current 130,000 CHIP families and all new enrollees will need to go through DHS instead of their CHIP health insurance plan to determine eligibility.

What will change for CHIP families?

  • CHIP applications and renewals will be processed by caseworkers in local DHS County Assistance Offices.
  • Information about who qualifies for CHIP will come from DHS. This will include notices, requests for proof of income and/or citizenship, and renewal packets.
  • Information on how to appeal a decision about who qualifies for CHIP will come from DHS.
  • The Unique Family Identifier (UFI) number that is used to identify a household by the CHIP health insurance companies will be changed to a record number by DHS.
  • DHS made improvements for completing online applications and renewals through the COMPASS website at and the COMPASS PA mobile app.

What will NOT change for CHIP families

  • A child’s current CHIP health insurance plan
  • A child’s CHIP health insurance benefits or services

CHIP families should expect to receive a welcome letter from DHS with their new record number and other details surrounding this new process in early April.


Check out the attached CHIP Fact Sheet from our friends at Pennsylvania Partnerships For Children.

Questions about DHS’ new process for applying and renewing CHIP coverage can be addressed by calling the Statewide Customer Service Center at 1-877-395-8930 or 1-215-560-7226 in Philadelphia.

CHIP families should still contact their CHIP health insurance plan with questions about health insurance benefits, providers, and premiums.