REPORTS: Underwater: 2019 Regional Reports on Child Well Being – Apr 2019

The American Dream is eroding in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Incomes that use to provide a comfortable middle class life are barely even enough to cover the basics. Families in difficult financial situations bank on the hope that their children can rise up the economic ladder and one day feel more monetary comfort than they, the parents, did.

The bleak situation facing many of these families will only change with large scale action.  This series of reports lays out a set of recommendations and policies that must be implemented, or the cycle of financial stress will never end and the children in these struggling families will become the next generation of struggling families.

PCCY will release five reports on the status of children in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, titled, “Underwater: What’s Sinking Families”.  Click the images below to download a copy of the reports as they become available.

Bucks County Report – Released April 2019










Chester County Report – Released February 2020










Delaware County Report – Released March 2019










Montgomery County Report – Released June 2019










Philadelphia County Report – October 24, 2019







Click here for a PDF of the PowerPoint Presentation shown during county press events.