Didn’t You Get the Memo? – Apr 22, 2022



Words Won’t Fail You 

Pennsylvania has $10 BILLION in the bank so far this fiscal year but public school foes are claiming it would be irresponsible to use it to fully fund our schools next year.

It’s a striking claim to make after four months of powerful testimony in the fair funding trial that shined the light on the state’s irresponsible history of not funding our schools.

With all the rhetoric flying around, it’s easy to get tongue-tied when you hear someone spouting off “alternative facts” about the value of public education. The PA Schools Work Campaign – co-founded by Children First – is here to help with weekly Talking Points Memos that give you timely insights into the education debate.

This week’s Memo shows you the money and a new interactive web-based tool that calculates the dollars your local school district would receive if Governor Wolf’s budget package were approved by the General Assembly.

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GOP lawmakers are pushing bills that would give state dollars to parents who choose to send their kids to private school – diverting your hard-earned tax dollars from your local school districts.

Tell your legislators to oppose “Lifeline Scholarships.”

“We are truly in a crisis situation with mental health,” said Dr. Sandy Chung, president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics. A federal task force of physicians this week recommended regular mental health screenings for kids as young as 8-years-old.

Inspired by PA’s historic school funding trial, a team of Penn Wood High School students and advisors told the world how their education suffers because of unfair state funding in a weekly podcast, PENNding Funds.

Click here to join us in honoring the PENNding Funds team and other Champions for Children on May 10th.

“[Child care] providers struggled to survive the pandemic’s impact on their businesses. Now there’s plenty of demand for their services among working parents, but it’s tough to find people to staff the centers.”

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