Children First’s Report Series on COVID’s Impact on Children – READ THE COUNTY REPORTS HERE

Mission & Strategic Planning


Childhood is fleeting, there are no do-overs. That’s why with one hand, Children First offers direct help to children – one at a time; and with the other hand we apply pressure to government officials to persuade them to do what is necessary to give every child the basic ingredients for a lifetime of success.

Formerly known as Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY), Children First PA continues the 40+ commitment of advocacy on behalf of children and families in Southeastern PA.

Nuestro trabajo como padres, vecinos y miembros de la sociedad es asegurarnos de que cada niño tenga los pilares fundamentales para el éxito, incluida una atención médica constante, una educación de alta calidad desde el preescolar hasta la escuela secundaria, una nutrición adecuada y una red de apoyo confiable para ayudar. ellos se convirtieron en adultos sanos, capaces y seguros. READ MORE.

Strategic Planning

The tough challenges children face today do not lend themselves to simple solutions. With a strong reputation and history as a unique organization advocating for a breadth of issues that affect kids, Children First embarked on a five year strategic planning process to guide our future work. We are a trusted and credible voice that combines comprehensive research and the tools of advocacy to mobilize partner organizations and citizens across the region to change the lives of children for the better.