Children First’s Report Series on COVID’s Impact on Children – READ THE COUNTY REPORTS HERE

مناخ المدرسة

All children should be able to attend safe and supportive schools.  Children First issues reports and policy briefs tracking conditions within Philadelphia’s public schools.


Hold Harmless: A Quarter Century of Inequity at the Heart of Pennsylvania’s School System – Jan 2021

This report reveals the significant harm done by the education funding system paradoxically known as “hold harmless.” This system fails to account for the massive shift in district enrollment, resulting in an education funding system that’s among the most inequitable in the nation.



No More Dreams Deferred – Mar 2021

في جميع أنحاء المنطقة ، تتزايد نسبة الطلاب الملونين الملتحقين بالمدارس العامة في الضواحي. في الواقع ، واحد من أربعة طلاب يحضرون 61 منطقة تعليمية في الضواحي في مقاطعات باكس وتشيستر وديلاوير ومونتغومري هم من السود أو من ذوي الأصول الأسبانية. بلا شك ، أصبحت هذه المناطق التعليمية في الضواحي أكثر تنوعًا ، ومع ذلك لم تواكب النماذج التعليمية هذا التغيير.



A Growing Commitment to School Climate and Safety in Philadelphia: Capturing the Rollout Experiences with Restorative Practices & Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Year One Report – Nov 2014

This report discusses the School District of Philadelphia’s shift from punitive behavioral practices, identify key players, explain in greater detail the funded approaches in dealing with student misconduct, and examine the training process. Furthermore, the report will explore the process of rolling out the positive supports or restorative practices in these schools, and some discussion of the District’s plan for sustaining these efforts and implementing these models with fidelity.