Progress to End Lead Poisoning (SB 552) – Sep 21, 2022


The Childhood Blood Lead Test Act received unanimous approval from the PA House Children & Youth Committee today!

This critical legislation that will get lead-poisoned children early help is now one step closer to becoming law of the land, thanks to our
Lead-Free Promise Project.

The Childhood Blood Lead Test Act (SB 552) requires universal lead testing of kids younger than six and pregnant women, leading to more children receiving intervention services early (there is no cure for lead poisoning). SB 522 also requires all health insurance plans, private and government programs, to provide coverage for blood lead testing.

The added benefit of universal testing is that it can signal authorities to where lead paint hazards still lurk in homes and apartments.

Legislative sponsor Sen. Lisa Baker and Rep. Pam DiLissio, House Children & Youth Minority Chair, lauded the bill yesterday at a Lead-Free Promise Project press conference. Rep. Jim Struzzi, also on the House Children & Youth Committee and a leading advocate for lead paint poisoning prevention, joined to show his enthusiastic support.

The Childhood Blood Lead Test Act has been approved by the Senate and yesterday’s vote was a single step in its passage through the House.  There are more steps ahead, so our work continues. Join the Lead-Free Promise Project and let’s put an end to lead paint poisoning!