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Schooling Legislators on Education Funding

In about eight weeks, Pennsylvania will be running on a new state budget. So NOW – before any deals are done – is the prime time for citizens to advocate to their legislators. 

More than 100 PA Schools Work advocates, parents, and students made the trip to Harrisburg this week for a day of advocacy and action. Folks came from around the state, some on the road in buses at the crack of dawn. 

Following a spirited rally in the main Rotunda at the state capitol, everyone met with individual legislators to make the case for additional education dollars. Governor Shapiro’s budget proposal includes an additional $567 million for basic education funding and $104 million for special education funding, but that’s nowhere near the $4.6 billion needed to fill the chronic – and unconstitutional – funding shortage.

Advocates shared with legislators their priorities for education funding, some telling harrowing tales of their schools and of their hopes for their community when it comes to education. It soon became clear that education is a very personal…and very complex issue.

The common refrain of “more investment” was paired with different associated issues – teacher shortages, outdated or insufficient educational materials, need for mental health supports, social/emotional learning, and welcoming schools, especially for children of color. 

Knowing that, how can education advocates like you stay informed?

The PA Schools Work coalition has the tool for you – the weekly Talking Points Memo. The coalition’s education experts break down a hot topic every week so you can have a better understanding of what the issue is, why it’s important, and what you can do about.

Don’t miss the next edition! Go to the Talking Points webpage to sign up and read past issues.

You can also plan to join us at another Advocacy Day at the state capital. We need you to come and tell your lawmakers what you think needs to happen to…and that you’ll be watching their votes. Our team will set up meetings for you so first-time visitors and seasoned advocates alike can focus on speaking up for children, teens, and families. Looking forward to seeing you at the next Capitol Rotunda event!

Philly voters – election day is around the corner and so are your chances to hear from mayoral candidates what they’ll do to keep our children and teens safe.

Check out the upcoming Kids Campaign candidate forums. Each forum is a little different, giving voters like you a variety of ways to gain insight into the candidates, and make your pick for Philly’s next mayor.

“Why were no [opioid settlement] funds earmarked for the growing population of opioid orphans being raised by grandparents…and other loving caregivers? Many of us desperately need financial help to ensure that these children enjoy reasonable living conditions, effective counseling, and appropriate educational opportunities.”

Children First and our special event host, Estelle Richman, are honoring Kelvin A. Jeremiah, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, a transformative leader who puts children first, knowing that it takes more than just a physical place to live for children to thrive.

Join us for a night of fun with a purpose! Get your ticket or sponsorship here.

“The City of Chester did right by its children by
implementing a relatively low cost measure that
will guard its future generations against lifelong
brain damage. I call that a good day at the office.”

– Steven Fischer, Executive Director of the
Chester Housing Authority, 
on the passage of a
tough new lead poisoning prevention law