Big Thing 2.0 – A Day for Updates and BIG Ideas

Загрузка Мероприятия
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Breaking through antiquated and under-resourced systems to make the lives of children better isn’t easy to do.  But when you shared your lived experiences, ideas, and passion with us last year, we began a BIG conversation and BIG work to change that for Pennsylvania’s kids.

Together we decided we wanted new models for mental health and career education for our kids, and a teacher pipeline that insists on diversity and cultural competence.

If you joined us last year, let’s reconvene, hear what we’ve done to advance those BIG ideas, and get updated on some BIG changes underway at the state to help us achieve these BIG ideas.  If you are interested in helping us achieve the goals above, email to request an invitation to the conference.  Otherwise, previous participants can РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ ЗДЕСЬ.

We are also excited to hear from Alex Briscoe who leads California Children’s Trust (CCT) and learn how they convinced the state to “decolonize” the mental health service delivery system in ways that systemically tackle racial and access barriers that give EVERY child access to quality mental health services.


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