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Lead Poisoning Status of Suburban Children

Across suburban southeast PA, at least 50% of homes were built before 1978 when lead-based paint was banned for residential use (a range of 52% in Chester County to 83% in Delaware County). Across the nation the number one source of lead poisoning is lead-based paint in children’s homes. Consequently, lead paint-based hazards in thousands of homes may be poisoning children. Unfortunately, too few children are tested for lead poisoning – a range of 9% to 19% of young children in 2012. If children aren’t tested, their blood lead levels remain unknown.

County leaders should identify and utilize local and federal funds to test children’s homes for lead hazards and remediate them, educate parents about lead poisoning and screen more children for lead.

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  • Bucks – Only 10% of Bucks County children under six received screenings for lead poisoning in 2012.
  • Chester – More than half of Chester County houses may contain lead, but only nine percent of children received screenings for lead poisoning in 2012.
  • Delaware – Delaware County had the highest share of children screened for lead in 2012 (19%) than in any suburban county.
  • Montgomery – More than two-thirds of Montgomery County houses may contain lead, however, only 14% of children received screenings for lead poisoning in 2012.