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Nominate an Emerging Youth Leader



Justice in Education

Dear Education Leaders and Advocates,

It’s impressive and inspiring! Students across the region are speaking out, taking the lead, and deciding to be a part of something bigger. They’re calling it a movement, a time for change, or an opportunity for a new normal. We call it advocacy.

To continue to empower and amplify regional youth voices, Children First (formerly known as PCCY) is launching Justice in Education, a hands-on leadership experience for emerging young leaders in 10th, 11th, and 12th grades in public schools. This unique program will engage a new cohort of rising stars to solve a real-world problem – state education funding.

Justice in Education will teach students how to design and engage strategies to boost state funding for schools, learn from local and state legislators why youth advocacy is important, and collaborate with students across the region to increase education funding for the region’s schools. Children First will work with them to put their sharpened skills to use planning events, speaking in public forums, and communicating with lawmakers.

We know you know dynamic young leaders who are ideal for this unique opportunity. We need your help to identify students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) from southeastern PA districts for our inaugural cohort.

If you are a school official, recommend a leader at https://bit.ly/EdJustice1.

If you are a parent, guardian, or community member, recommend a leader at https://bit.ly/EdJustice2.

Students can also nominate themselves at https://bit.ly/EdJustice3.

Spots are limited! Nominate a student leader today!

Thank you,

Tomea Sippio-Smith, M.S. Ed., J.D.

K-12 Education Policy Director

Children First


215-563-5848 x36