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Sahar is a self-employed photographer, and her husband was working as an independent contractor. When the pandemic hit, they both lost work and found themselves uninsured. 

No income.  No insurance.  Nowhere to turn…or so she thought.

Fortunately, Sahar learned about the PCCY ChildWatch HelpLine. She called and we helped. A few weeks later, she and her husband and two sons had the health coverage they need. 

This Giving Tuesday, we ask for your support so we can keep the HelpLine going strong for more families like Sahar’s.

The HelpLine helps parents sign up their kids for Medical Assistance and CHIP.  Each year, PCCY helps hundreds of children through the HelpLine so they can get check-ups, shots, glasses, dental care, asthma care, etc.  Our help is free, over the phone and in many languages.  We can also recommend dentists, eye doctors, therapists, or other medical providers so parents have information on where to turn next.

Will you give $10 today to support this indispensable service?

We are nearing our Giving Tuesday goal of $5,000 – will you please give $10 now in support of this indispensable service? Your gift will go twice as far thanks to Chrissy Kind, a generous donor whose name is totally on-point who is giving PCCY a Giving Tuesday Challenge Grant. For each gift today, she will match dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000.

Consider this…the HelpLine fields 500 calls a year. If 500 people each give $10 or more, we will be able to meet our goal, qualify for the full match and keep the HelpLine going strong.

Thank you in advance for your support!