ACA ALERT: US Senate poised to slash health care–September 21, 2017


It’s the worst Affordable Care Act repeal proposal yet.

THE GRAVE THREAT TO CHILDREN to repeal ACA is REAL and a Senate vote is coming QUICKLY.

Previous efforts failed this summer in large part because a large majority of people like you oppose taking coverage away from millions of children and adults, raising costs for millions more and gutting Medicaid.

The newest repeal bill is in the Senate, and we know where Senators Toomey and Casey stand. It’s vital that the Senate appreciates that a majority of Americans oppose any attempts at repeal and that the House would reject the bill. IF the bill passes out of the Senate, the House will likely have a lightning quick 1 or 2 days to approve or reject it as is.

That’s why we need to hear from our Representatives BEFORE THE SENATE ACTS!

Raise your voice again and call your US Congressman NOW to tell him to declare that he stands with PA families!

This Cassidy-Graham plan is a last-ditch effort to turn back the clock and go back to the same damaging, secretive, and partisan approach to repeal the ACA.  Despite claims to the contrary, the Cassidy-Graham would have more devastating effects than the previous repeal bills.  Specifically, the bill:

  • Cuts 32 million children and adults off coverage (CBO has not yet scored – estimate based on previous proposals)
  • Drastically cuts Medicaid for families with children, seniors
  • Jeopardizes CHIP coverage for millions of children – including 176,000 in PA – by derailing bipartisan efforts to reauthorize the program
  • Eviscerates protections for children and adults with pre-existing conditions
  • Decimates state budgets – as Pennsylvania is projected to lose $131 billion in federal funding

Take these action steps now:

  1. CALL your Congressman and tell him: “I am a voter in your district. I need you to speak out now and declare your commitment to protecting kids and families! Tell your colleagues in the Senate that you will vote no should the bill come before the House. Will you keep your promise to protect Pennsylvanians?”
  2. IF YOU HAVE VIDEOS FROM THE SUMMER, RESEND THEM to your Congressman showing the impact of cutting Medicaid on your family.  If you haven’t made a video, consider taking 1 or 2 minutes to record yourself and send it on.
  3. FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO YOUR CONTACTS and ask them to call and Tweet.

Congressman Boyle: (202) 225-6111, @CongBoyle
Congressman Brady:  (202) 225-4731, @RepBrady
Congressman Costello: 202-225-4315, @RepRyanCostello
Congressman Evans: (202) 225-4001, @RepDwightEvans
Congressman Dent: 202-226-0778, @RepCharlieDent
Congressman Fitzpatrick: 202-225-4276, @RepFitzpatrick
Congressman Meehan: 202-225-2011, @RepMeehan