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Introducing Parents Empowered for Change – Aug 10, 2022


Dear Parents,

Inequality…racism…poverty…underfunded schools…poor access to good child care…no help for mental health…

If you’re raising kids in southeastern PA, you are living these problems while finding ways to overcome them for the sake of your kids. But when’s the last time your legislator or school board member asked YOU for ideas and solutions? It’s about time they did.

If you feel like those in charge aren’t doing the best for low-income, Black, and Brown children, join with other parents who are building a new path forward where parents are treated as critical partners not inconvenient stakeholders.

Parents Empowered for Change (PEC) is a dynamic new resource for parents who want to bring their knowledge and lived experiences to the decision-making table. PEC programs will connect, inspire, and ignite parent activism because it was designed with intentional and extensive input from parents from Day One.

We will train you how to persuade decision makers, like school superintendents, city/town council members, and state legislators, to make policy changes in your school district and across the state. It is not a one-size-fits-all program. PEC offers tracks that accommodate parents who have minimal free time and those who have more flexibility. 

We’re now accepting applications to the first workshop:
  The Parent & Kinship Action Lab!

The Parent & Kinship Action Lab will effectively train you to build change for your kids. You’ll learn how decisions are made, how to organize your community for change, and how to build support to win. Apply today.

I was on WURD radio yesterday talking with Andrea Lawful Sanders about this exciting new program. Listen in to learn more or contact me directly (my info is below). 



Inella Ray
Director of Parent Advocacy & Engagement
215-563-5848 x151