67 Years Later, Still Miles to Go Before We Rest

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We honor the anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education with a call to make right the racial inequities and massive underfunding in Pennsylvania’s education system that denies opportunity to thousands of students. 

Just as Brown v. Board of Education changed the lives of students of color, we have a chance to make historic change for Pennsylvania’s students, especially Black, Hispanic, and low-income children. 

Pennsylvania ranks 44th in the country in the state’s share of funding for public schools; only about 39% of the costs of public education are covered by the state. There is a lawsuit underway that may remedy these problems but there’s much to do to achieve true education equity.

Stand with PCCY and other education advocates as we demand an end to the systemic inequities in school funding that still exist and that rob our students and communities of opportunity.

Register here for our lunchtime Zoom event and let’s honor the work that’s come before us by committing to do our part for the future.


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