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What are the candidates for Mayor saying about charter and District accountability? – April 10, 2015

The five candidates explicitly call for more oversight of district-run and charter schools.

Abraham: focuses on accountability measures for teachers that reward success and impose consequences for inadequate performance.  She also calls for more financial oversight for charter expenditures for special education students and a moratorium on new charters until funding issues are resolved.

Diaz: proposes to support high-performing charter schools and close those that are under-performing.

Kenney: would direct the SRC to ensure the District’s Charter School Office is aggressively providing proper oversight and increased transparency with respect to charter school budget surpluses.

Oliver: pledges to shift the focus of the SRC to more of a regulatory board focused on school performance and approval of performance improvement plans in all chronically underperforming schools.

Williams: would expand and fully staff the district’s charter school office.