Tell them “No!” – Jun 24, 2022


Stop Harrisburg from Robbing our Future

Leaders in the Pennsylvania House and Senate are hell-bent on passing a budget that harms the state’s future – our children – and will increase local property taxes once again.

You can do something today to stop that from happening – call your lawmakers now.

Legislative leaders have agreed to a sizeable state tax cut for corporations without making substantial investments in public schools. This is a horrible decision since companies will face property tax increases that could be larger than the relief intended by the state corporate tax cut. And without investments in education, Pennsylvania businesses will continue to face expensive and profit-killing labor shortages and our schools will continue to be hamstrung in preparing our students for success.

There should be no business tax cuts without an equal boost in school funding! 

This common-sense case is being ignored by majority party leaders in both the PA House and Senate who are intent on pushing through a state budget that shortchanges public schools again.

Yet, this year’s state budget presents the best opportunity in decades to help our schools turn the corner. Even if the General Assembly decides to boost the Rainy Day Fund to a historic $5 billion in this year’s budget, the Commonwealth will still have an additional $10 billion on hand.

At a minimum, given the current and projected state revenues, it is equally affordable and sustainable to provide $1 billion for public schools which is consistent with the full year cost of the business tax reduction. Funding our schools is more important for the Commonwealth’s future economic well-being.

Call your legislators and tell them so.

Use our handy “ابحث عن المشرع الخاص بك” function (no, your info will not be added to our database just by using it) to get your legislators’ phone numbers and CALL TODAY or OVER THE WEEKEND; budget talks are ending in a matter of days.

If your legislator is a Republican:

  • Leave a message saying that, as a constituent and a supporter of strong public schools, you demand that our schools get at least the same amount that lawmakers are handing out in corporate tax breaks. Tell your legislator to take your message to Republican leadership too!

If your legislator is a Democrat:

  • Leave a message saying that, as a constituent and a supporter of strong public schools, you want him/her to hold out for a budget that includes a minimum $1 billion in public education funding.

While you’re on a roll, call Governor Wolf at (717) 787-2500 to tell him to hold out for a budget that includes a minimum $1 billion in public education funding.

Please make those phone calls today – we must stop Harrisburg from robbing our future.


Click here for their phone numbers.

“To our state lawmakers…I would ask – on behalf of overburdened school property tax-weary homeowners everywhere — where’s our homeowner property tax relief?”

Jim Hertzler, retired Cumberland County Commissioner

We took our message to Harrisburg! Legislators must save the child care sector when they pass the budget next week. Too many early learning classrooms are closed because providers can’t afford to hire and retain high-quality teachers. Watch the press conference here and subcribe to our YouTube channel.
“Legislators are negotiating now on next year’s state budget. [A] significant down payment on what we owe our kids along the lines of a $1.75 billion increase in public education funding…is a good start.” 

– Laura Foster, a Pennridge School District alum and parent