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Children First’s report series: “Underwater: What’s Sinking Families” looks at how The American Dream is eroding where incomes that use to provide a comfortable middle class life are no longer enough to even cover the basics.  The bleak situation facing families will only change with large-scale action.  The policies laid out in these reports must be implemented, or the cycle of financial stress will never end. The children in these struggling families will become the next generation of struggling families. The American Dream will become the American Drain.



Children First will release five reports on the status of children in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, titled, “Underwater: What’s Sinking Families”.  Click the links below to download a copy of the reports.


雄鹿县报告 – 2019年4月发布






切斯特县报告 – 2020年2月发行






特拉华县报告 – 2019年3月发布






蒙哥马利县报告 – 2019年6月发布






费城县报告 – 2019年10月24日





There are more than 180,000 children in southeastern Pennsylvania who live in families with incomes at or below the federal poverty level. The parents of most of these children work, but low wages and an unstable job market makes it difficult for families to make ends meet.  Children First works to help lift families out of poverty by pushing for increased investment and access to services for families such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.  These valuable resources help tens of thousands of children in southeastern Pennsylvania rise out of poverty every year.