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HEALTH Resources for Providers

Health Resources to Help Your Parents

PCCY的帮助热线可帮助您和您的孩子获得健康保险。如需任何语言的帮助,请致电:215-563-5848 x17。以下所有材料均可在 这里有多种语言.

要找到其他语言的这些卫生资源, 点击这里

WIC Resources


REOPENING Doors to Child Care Safely

To help child care providers and stakeholders think through critical areas of meeting COVID-related health guidelines and maintaining safety, please review: FAQ – Reopening doors to Child Care Safety by the PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This document reflects emerging evidence that can guide safety protocols and is generated by experts in pediatric primary care, infectious disease, early childhood and child care operations at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. To inform this document, PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has been tracking scientific, medical and policy developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

FREE Consulting Resources

PCCY is offering early learning and child care program operators free technical assistance in completing federal loan applications (Small Business Administration) earmarked to sustain for-profit and non-profit entities. Some of the federal funds can offer you significant relief in the short term and have extremely generous repayment terms that are intended to ensure you do not bear the full financial burden of the pandemic. PCCY can offer you a 30 minute appointment with our technical experts.

To help you prepare for these appointments, we suggest you read these documents so you can decide if any or all of these loan opportunities make sense for your child care program.

  • Paycheck Protection Loans.  The application form is quite simple, but the rules are a bit complicated. Please read this before your Technical Assistance Appointment. The application form can be found here.
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loans up to $10,000This application is also quite simple but the rules are more complicated. Please read this before your appointment.  The application form can be found here.

To schedule an appointment with one of our two consultants to get assistance applying for the federal loan funds 点击这里.  If there are no slots available with the first link, please try the other.

We are also offering early learning and child care program operators free technical assistance in understanding the ins and outs of the new employment laws during the COVID-19 national emergency. PCCY can offer you a 30-minute appointment with our technical experts.

  • Click here to schedule an appointment to get assistance understanding and applying the new employment laws. To prepare for your session we recommend you read this helpful resource guide created by Jeffrey Campolongo, one of our region’s premier employment lawyers and one of five lawyers working with PCCY to support child care providers during the pandemic.

Are you the recipient of a PPP loan? On May 15, The Treasury Department and Small Business Administration released the application form and instructions for loan forgiveness. The forgiveness forms, instructions, and worksheets can be downloaded 这里.

Gov. Wolf: State to Distribute $51 million in CARES Funding to Support Child Care Providers – read the press release.

Financial Resources

PCCY continues to identify and share resources for our child care partners in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

NEW: The COVID-19 Relief Pennsylvania Statewide Small Business Assistance program will provide grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to for-profit small businesses that have been economically impacted by COVID-19. This is not a first-come, first-served program. There will be multiple rounds of application windows. Application window for the first round of funding is expected to open on June 30th and remain open for 10 business days.  Visit: for the application and additional information.

Below find links to county-specific financial resources available to child care providers.

OCDEL Announcement Re: Child Care Works Payment Modifications Due to Impacts related to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Click here to download PDF.



Child Care In Crisis: Recommendations for COVID Stimulus

PCCY gathered (virtually) with our partners of Start Strong PA and Pre-K for PA to formulate strategies to sustain Pennsylvania’s early childhood education infrastructure. Read the recommendations below and sign on to our letter urging state legislators to act now!

Untangling Unemployment Compensation for Early Childhood Education Providers

The COVID shutdown has devastated PA’s childhood education providers like you.  Now you’re facing difficult decisions including how to help your staff navigate the technical world of unemployment compensation. What does it all mean for you? What does it mean for your staff? Click here and listen to Sharon Dietrich, Managing Partner at CLS explain the details, from a conference call we convened on March 19, 2020.

Here are some important documents:

Diagnosing the Impact of COVID on the Region’s Child Care and PreK Systems

The Child Care and Early Learning (pre-K) Sector is being hit hard by the virus. Pennsylvania continues to find ways to help families and child care/early learning providers but the challenges are many and require due consideration. PCCY is leading that conversation locally. On Wednesday, March 18, PCCY convened an emergency conference call with over 130 Childcare and pre-K leaders and providers. Early Learning and Child Care Providers are invited to listen in on the discussion here (beginning at the 16-minute mark, after the introductions) to learn what’s happening on the ground and how PCCY and our partners are mobilizing to help providers stay afloat.   You can get more details on key state and local decisions impacting child care and pre-K access here

  • PHLpreK March 20 UPDATE 这里
  • OCDEL guidance can be found 这里
  • City of Philadelphia information 这里
  • Philadelphia County ELRC #18: Informative bulletins from March 15 March 17.
  • Chester County ELRC #19 info 这里



给我读 是由...提供的朗读书籍视频系列 PCCY的毕加索项目。 READ TO ME的目标是为所有年龄段的儿童提供精心挑选的书籍,以供有爱心且经验丰富的成年人阅读。我们正在建立一个免费的YouTube“图书馆”,其中包含朗读书籍,以便与费城和互联网上的孩子分享。视频可以在我们的网站上找到 YouTube页面。我们正在寻求志愿者制作自己喜欢的儿童读物的短片(约5分钟)。欢迎所有年龄段的所有语言的书籍。如果您想参加,请发送电子邮件至Tim Gibbon,地址为

Our Children’s Education Remains A Top Priority During COVID-19

K-12 education looks much different now then just a few weeks ago. Parents, School Districts and our students are all doing their best to adjust to a new way of learning. PCCY is leading conversations locally to help ensure that our children are not left behind during the COVID19 crisis.  With our partners on the PA Schools Work campaign, we are hosting weekly calls around K-12 issues, hearing concerns and trying to connect with answers. If you would like to participate in these discussions, contact

ADDITIONAL Resources for your Clients



  1. 下载并分享 该传单 包含最新信息和有用的电话号码。 (下面提供其他翻译)。
  2. 在covid关闭期间,没有任何法律驱逐(包括归档),而费城法院通过以下方式关闭 8月31日。请参阅附件中的讲义 英语西班牙文 来自费城驱逐预防项目。
  3. 没有法律驱逐包括房客,他们有口头协议支付租金,但没有租赁/书面协议。如果您有关键问题,请致电215-981-3798与社区法律服务联系。 David Wengert是住房部门的一名社会工作者。
  4. 社区法律服务的其他指南位于其网站上–
  5. 议员海伦体育馆(Helen Gyms)的办公室可以为您提供帮助,并希望收到您的答复:215-686-3420。

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Discussions with Children’s Health Serving Organizations

Public Citizens for Children and Youth is holding a series of conference calls with Children’s Health and Early Care Provider System Leaders in Southeastern Pennsylvania to identify child-health related challenges, so we can get them resolved and keep kids as healthy as possible during the crisis.