ACTION PLAN: Preventing Childhood Lead Poisoning in Delaware County by 2027

Delaware County has the fifth highest number of children poisoned by lead of all PA counties, with an average of 250 children harmed each year. Lead was finally banned in  residential paint in 1978, yet 81% of Delaware County houses and apartments were built before then.

Children First has facilitated the Delaware County Lead Poisoning Prevention Coalition for the last five years comprised of a cross-section of public and private entities that are very familiar with lead poisoning, public health, and housing.

Children First and the Coalition developed this five-year Action Plan with Delaware County Health Department input to harness the new capacity of the Department to prevent and manage childhood lead poisoning, and to establish a pathway for all county stakeholders to work together.

Các Action Plan to Prevent Childhood Lead Poisoning in Delaware County by 2027 highlights the goals and objectives to achieve to prevent childhood lead paint poisoning.