Can You Put Children First On Your List? – Dec 22, 2021


Can You Put Children First On Your List?


The Build Back Better Bill, the largest investment in children ever, is in jeopardy! Despite progress made possible by Children First and hundreds of other advocacy organizations, we must continue to push and push and never give up… with your support we can do so!

We Are So Close, But We Must Do More

For decades we’ve fought to make child care and children’s health insurance affordable and to guarantee pre-K for every child. We are so close to making this happen! With President Biden’s Build Back Better Bill, finally, children’s issues like these are at the top of the national agenda.

Now, we need your support to keep up our advocacy efforts.

From Washington to Harrisburg, Real Change

The Build Back Better Bill will be nothing short of life changing for millions of children.

Believe it or not, even in Harrisburg with a Democratic governor and strong Republican majorities in the state House and Senate, children won big there this year, too!

  • We secured $100 million for the poorest students in the state.
  • We won $30 million for Pre-K and Head Start expanding opportunity for thousands more young children.

We take pride in the fact that we work with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, and this year we have big wins to prove it.


We Cannot Stop While We Are Ahead

There is much more to do and now is the time to continue to push.

THE proven remedy to child poverty – the Child Tax Credit – still remains subject to an annual act of Congress.


The Child Tax Credit must become permanent.

Mothers and fathers must no longer be forced to choose between their job or caring for a newborn.


Paid leave must become the law of the land.

Still our children’s future is being sacrificed. Pennsylvania ranks 5thứ tự from the bottom of all states for per child school funding.


It’s time our schools rank at the top of the nation.

The pandemic has laid bare the inadequacy of our national and state investment in children. While the stock market boomed, far too many children struggled to survive and our promise to build a bright future for them is still far from being fulfilled.


That’s why, this year, as you choose where to make your year-end donation, please consider a gift to Children First because this window of opportunity may be short lived.


Help us build this remarkable foundation of achievement. Together, with your support, we can all be the architects of a full and promising future for Pennsylvania’s children.


Thank you very much,

Donna Cooper

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Children First

(Formerly PCCY)