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Children First partners with organizations, community groups and city agencies to improve education for all children in southeastern Pennsylvania. Examples of Children First partnerships in education include:

PA Schools Work campaign

State education funding is far too scarce for many of the 500 districts across the state to provide students with an adequate education. The State made progress in 2016 when it adopted a fair funding formula, but the formula will only help districts in need if it is fully funded.  Children First is proud to join many organizations representing educators, business, labor, and civic and child advocacy groups who want to see the commonwealth find a long-term solution to adequately and equitably fund public schools.

Campaign Partners

Statewide School District Fact Sheets


PA Schools Work website

Take Action

Read By 4th

This citywide effort of over ninety organizations, public and private, large and small, aims to double the number of children in Philadelphia reading at grade level by 4th grade by 2020.

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Project U-Turn

Children First is proud to be a steering committee member and grantee of Project U-Turn.

Project U-Turn is a citywide campaign to understand, focus public attention on and, most importantly, resolve Philadelphia’s dropout crisis. It is led by a citywide collaborative whose members include representatives of the School District, City agencies, foundations, youth-serving organizations, parents and young people themselves. The collaborative is managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network, and operates as a subcommittee of the Philadelphia Council for College and Career Success.

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