Children First’s Report Series on COVID’s Impact on Children – READ THE COUNTY REPORTS HERE

Early Childhood Education

From birth to age 5, young children’s brains make millions of neural connections every second—forming brain architecture for life. At no other time in a human’s life will the brain develop at this remarkable speed or with such intricacy. This is the foundation upon which all later learning, behavior, and health depend.

Parents will always be the most important influence during this time of a child’s life. But, with 70 percent of Pennsylvania children under age 6 having all available parents in the labor force, state policymakers should be supporting evidence based programs that strengthen our families and ensure access to high quality early care and education in order to maximize the potential of the first five years.

Children First is a principle partner in two statewide campaigns that seek higher public investment to ensure all children under age 6 get the high-quality education they deserve. Click on the links below and sign up for campaign updates.