REPORT: Underwater: What’s Sinking Families in Bucks County – Apr 2019

The American Dream is eroding in Bucks County. Incomes that used to provide a comfortable middle class life are no longer enough to even cover the basics. Even families who are near the median income – an income that should solidify their middle class status – are drowning.

The parents in these struggling families bank on the hope that their children can move up the economic ladder, becoming more prosperous as adults than they, the parents, were.  The bleak situation facing Bucks County families will only change with large-scale action.

The policies laid out in PCCY’s latest report, “Underwater: What’s Sinking Families in Bucks County”, debe implementarse, o el ciclo de estrés financiero nunca terminará. Los niños de estas familias con dificultades se convertirán en la próxima generación de familias con dificultades. El sueño americano se convertirá en el desagüe americano.